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Drives Sales Through Brand Activation


The Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit is an event that brings together 600 of the brightest young entrepreneurs, innovators, and game changers from around the world. Although selling merchandise proved unsuccessful in past iterations of the event, we designed, secured, and produced all the physical goods and sold them to consumers at the event and online.



NEU was the sole provider of merchandise for the summit. We design, developed, and maintained an online store before driving a branded bus to the event in Boston to sell on site. Not only did we produce several branded products, but we also handled all warehousing and fulfillment.

1. NEU worked with existing suppliers and quickly formed relationships with new ones to create unique product lines that were shipped to local printing facilities and customized with Forbes artwork


2. NEU drove a branded bus to Boston with a full staff and set up hardware required to operate point of sale at the Summit


3. At the same time, NEU built and launched, the E-Commerce shop now integrated into Forbes' existing website.


4. After selling out of inventory at the event, NEU fulfilled orders on from our warehousing facilities.


With zero upfront cost for Forbes, they were able to test out merchandise without the risk. That test received over 300 orders with an Average Order Value (AOV) of $52.33. Despite never housing a merchandise booth, NEU made over $15,000 in two days at the event, with a third coming through the online store.


52% Average Order Value


$15,000 in Two Days of Sales

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